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SRE Interview Prep Plan (Week 4)

SRE Interview Prep Plan (Week 4)
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Series Overview:

Welcome to Week 4 of our blog series, where we explore the essentials of incident management and troubleshooting. This week is dedicated to learning the complexities of the Incident Management Lifecycle, providing you with a structured framework to effectively handle incidents. From identifying and responding to issues, to resolving and reviewing them, we’ll cover each stage to give you a comprehensive understanding of the process.

In the latter part of the week, we shift our focus to practical troubleshooting techniques. You’ll learn various strategies and tools to diagnose and resolve problems swiftly and effectively. We’ll wrap up with a mock incident management exercise and a postmortem analysis, offering hands-on experience and critical insights into the real-world application of these skills.

Days 1-3: Incident Management Lifecycle

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