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SRECon24 Report

SRECon24 Report
Photo by Headway / Unsplash

SRECon has gathered SRE and systems engineers in March this year, but if you missed it - talks were recently uploaded to youtube on Usenix channel.

Here is Codereliant's Top 5 recommendations of what to watch:

Product Reliability for Google Maps
Micah Lerner and Joe Abrams

Learn how Google Maps, the app with over 1 billion monthly users, tackled subtle user experience issues that traditional server monitoring couldn't catch. Learn about their journey towards user-centric reliability and the lessons they learned along the way.

This talk goes deep into workload sharding: when it makes sense, what problem it has, and how it can solve common scalability and reliability issues in your systems. You will learn fundamental sharding patterns like worker pools, read replicas, horizontal and vertical sharding, and multi-cell/multi-region architectures.

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