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SRE Interview Prep Plan (Week 6)

SRE Interview Prep Plan (Week 6)
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Series Overview:

As we step into the final week of our SRE interview preparation plan, it's time to focus and polish our skills.

Week 6 is designed to simulate the real interview experience, combining technical and behavioral mock interviews with a focused revision period. Through technical mock interviews on Days 1-3, our focus would be to sharpen our problem-solving and communication skills.

Days 6-7 offers a critical opportunity for revision and personalized feedback, allowing you to refine your approach and improve your understanding based on the insights gained. This final push is about more than just acing your interviews; it's about laying a solid foundation for a thriving career in Site Reliability Engineering.

For the mocking interviews you can use ChatGPT or any other suitable AI chat bot. If you want to go through a more authentic experience with a real person you can look for services that provide it as a paid service, e.g. https://interviewing.io/ (not sponsored)

Days 1-3: Technical Mock Interviews

Day 1-2: LeetCode Coding Challenges

The first day kicks off with a deep dive into LeetCode problems, focusing primarily on data structures and algorithms. Your tasks for the day will include a balanced mix of easy to medium difficulty questions, covering arrays, linked lists, and binary trees. If you know you will be interviewing for a more dev focused roles throw in some hard challenges as well. You should approach problems methodically, emphasizing not just the correctness of your solutions but also their efficiency and scalability. Talk the solutions out loud to illustrate your train of thought, because that's what interviewers would expect from you. After completing the challenges, spend some time reviewing your solutions, identifying areas for optimization and alternative approaches.

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